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'Let your light shine' (Matthew 5:16)

Information Technology KS2

Dance Mat Typing. You start by learning the home row keys. Each stage builds on previous lessons, introducing new letters as you progress. You’ll soon be touch typing like an expert! At the end of each level you can test your typing speed and get a fun reward. LEARN MORE


What is a database? A database is a computerised system that makes it easy to search, select and store information. Databases are used in many different places. LEARN MORE


How to create digital video and audio. The development of digital video has made it easy to create your own film on your home computer or tablet. Before digital there was analogue video and before that film. Film was very time-consuming to edit afterwards. You would have to cut it into pieces and stick it together with tape to make an edit. LEARN MORE


What makes a good website? A webpage is a single digital document. It is stored on a web server connected to the internet and can be viewed on a web browser. It forms a small part of the world wide web. A website is typically a collection of connected webpages and each webpage has its own unique web address. LEARN MORE


How do you make a good app? Normally apps are programs that have simple functions and they may only do one or two things. Games are very popular apps but you can also have messaging apps, photo apps, health apps etc. LEARN MORE


Creating and understanding charts. Charts are a great way to show a large amount of data. They can represent numbers, words, measurements or observations in a way that makes them easier to understand and analyse. LEARN MORE


How do digital images work? A digital image is a picture that is stored on a computer. It has been digitised, which means it has been changed into a sequence of numbers that computers can understand. LEARN MORE